PermAlert Environmental Specialty Products offers a variety of state of the art leak detection and location systems. These systems can be configured to provide discreet point monitoring and/or line sensing, which will pin point the location of a leak event. And when monitoring systems that are not in close proximity to your control center or office, don’t forget to ask about “Palcom Network Software” which allows you to monitor your critical leak detection system remotely and our patented GLS (Graphic Locator System) that displays the location of a leak on a CAD drawing.

PAL-AT is a state of the art leak detection cable system that locates potential problems anywhere along the sensor string and alarms on contact.


LIQUIDWATCH® is a system designed to monitor sensor probesin a wide variety of applications for water, hydrocarbons or chemicals in sumps around sensitive equipment, tanks and low points in secondary contained pipe systems.


FLUIDWATCH® is a system designed to monitor small areas for water or waterbased chemicals on floors and around sensitive equipment. Typical applications are for sub floors and around boilers and pumps.

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