Shannon Enterprises manufactures custom-fit, removable, reusable blanket insulation, well known as INSULTECH BLANKET INSULATION. INSULTECH® is a registered trademark of SHANNON ENTERPRISES of New York. INSULTECH® thermal and acoustic insulation products are made only by SHANNON ENTERPRISES. To ensure you purchase factory-made original INSULTECH® products, look for the trademark "INSULTECH®". Beware of cheap imitations!

Our blanket insulation is design-engineered for treatment on machinery

and process piping for both thermal and acoustic performance.

We work with mechanical engineers, plant or institution maintenance personnel, and OEMs.
Located near Buffalo, our products are sold worldwide.


Thermal Blanket Insulation 
for valves, fittings, piping and
in the steam and
process industries

Acoustic Blanket Insulation
for chillers, compressors, fans,
piping - reduces harmful noise
at it's source
Power Transmission Insulation
for noisy pipelines, engine
exhaust, turbine inlet piping

OEM Thermal and Acoustic
custom fit for any surface
temperature or surface geometry

"Rapid Rise" Fire Blankets
protects equipment from
extreme temperatures. Meets
and exceeds UL1709

Energy Savings with
Blanket Insulation

Free steam energy surveys
for qualifying businesses.
Quick paybacks!


Contact us with your needs and our representative, Curt Winbourne @ 252-363-6092 will contact you promptly and professionally! Or, visit our website at for our complete line of products.