Town and Country Plastics is the leading manufacturer in pollution control handling and treatment systems, T & C has over lOO,OOO successful installations in its 41 year history, Engineered Fluid Systems is proud to be a factory authorized distributor for Town and Country Plastics.

T & C manufactures the widest range of pollution treatment/handling equipment, monitoring, recording, and alarm systems, neutralization tanks and systems, grease traps, oil interceptors, sediment, solids, interceptors, hair, line and sand traps, water and chemical tanks, hazardous waste storage tanks, septic tanks, Trap-Zap bacteria waste eating systems, photographic silver recovery units, chemical waste pumping stations, level sensors and alarms, leak detection, etc. Mandated hospital emergency shower collection and elevator oil waste systems are also available.

In addition, T & C is a leader in supplying corrosion and acid resistant products: tanks, sumps, interceptors, traps and accessories, sinks, countertops, drains (roof, floor and trench), pipes, valves and fittings, pump and float controllers/alarms, hoods, blowers, ducting, and custom fabrications of all kinds.

For further information, contact: Curt Winbourne @ 252-363-6092